Going on Hiatus for unknown amount of time, because my landlord is evicting me for $50 dollars that was only due two days ago, that I needed to use for medication for my brother.

Don’t know where I’ll even be, let alone if I’ll have internet access. I’ll miss  you guys, enjoy Teen Wolf for me, okay?

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We’re actually going to see a lot of the repercussions of all of these things happening [in 3A]. When we come back in the winter season we delve into that. We’re starting to call our winter season, 3B, a psychological thriller. Whereas this was sort of an action packed, suspense, drama - the next one is going to be very psychological. We’re going to delve into their psyches a bit more.
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I think the theory that Paige was actually Peter’s story is a good one, except at Comic Con, Hoechlin said this episode would explain why Derek is the way he is.

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“…, Regarding the new Batman, Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf, Lincoln Heights, 7th Heaven, Road To Perdition) is being heavily considered for the part and will be getting a screen test alongside Henry Cavill. Warner Bros. and Snyder are looking at somebody to play the new Batman with a reputation similar to Cavill’s, when Cavill was testing for Superman. It’s also said that better known actors could also be testing for the role. As filming is expected to begin in early 2014, screen tests should be happening soon. “ - (source)

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I am the Demon Wolf!

Derek Hale in Visionary 

Derek Hale in Visionary 

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The sound of Derek’s scream after he killed Paige will haunt me forever, I swear it will.


someone call werewolf protective services

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Yes, we need to call Werewolf Protective Services.

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Kiling Paige led to the Hale Fire

I’m actually a little miffed that others are saying how disappointed they are about tonight’s episode and how it doesn’t make sense.

Peter said it started with how Derek’s eyes changed from yellow to blue.

Kate must have noticed or known that Derek’s blue eyes meant he killed an innocent.

Which means falling in love and having to kill Paige led to the fire.

And the story isn’t done being told yet. There’s four more episodes, so we don’t know what Jeff has in store.

It may have sucked, but I’m really glad Kate wasn’t Derek’s first love.

A fifteen year old Derek Hale charged a full grown Alpha werewolf to save the love of his life.


like his mom didn’t shame him, or blame him, or break him

she called him beautiful

and then she died. the last person to call Derek beautiful and believe it, and have him believe it died.


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Can I just say that the casting department did really well with young Derek?

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